Sabre Wulf: Coco Rico

The new brand name is Malibu as many of you probably know, but the story behind it is interesting...


Wherever I go, the 36-year-old brand is phenomenally successful, selling nearly 4 million cases annually and voted the No. 2 liqueur in the world. But Malibu, too, had a humble beginning and the tale is worth telling.

Fame has many fathers and there are many who claim to have been involved in the creation of Malibu. I remember well when in 1983 I was the Chairman of IDV UK Limited (one half of Diageo UK) and an enthusiastic Malibu brand manager from UK came to visit us. He gave me a lot of advice and direction as to how Malibu should be positioned among several other things about the brand.

I bit my tongue in exasperation because he was waxing eloquent about the brand without knowing its true origin. Today, there is a wonderful distillery in Barbados and if you ask any consumer where the brand originated, they will say the Caribbean without batting an eyelid.

Ironically, the brand was started by the three founders of The Last Drop Distillers Limited – Peter Fleck, Tom Jago and me....

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